What’s your “Izzy”?

2018 is going to be great! My wife and I are editing the CX Expert interviews. It’s a goldmine of information that will help your CX go through the roof.

Time for a taste from the CX Success Summit.

Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. His focus is on the value of customer experience as a competitive differentiator and the importance of employee engagement in building a strong corporate culture. He challenges brands to explore new opportunities, showing them how to be more successful in tomorrow’s changing world.

Here’s a clip from Stan’s interview:

So my big mantra is: “Take care of the customers you have because they’ll bring you the customers you want.” But one of the problems that we have is; the current customers know a fraction of everything that we could do for them. Do you know what the percentage is? I just learned this last year, out of 100 percent of what you offer as a business, your products, and your services. What percentage of that do you think your current customers actually know?

8 percent?

Well, a little more than that. They know about 20 percent of what you do. That’s the problem. So how do we actually get them exposure to those things? The solution is, and it’s a simple thing, called “sampling.” So we think about sampling traditionally from a marketing perspective is something that we give a little taste to a prospective customer. Why can’t we do that with the customers that we already serve? The next time you serve them why don’t you give them a little extra taste or sample of what those other 80 percent of your offerings are?

I like that.

And so that’s a simple thing. I mean I’m sure you’ve been to Starbucks before. Starbucks, when they have a new drink that comes out, will make these little samples and put them on a tray walk them around the store. I love that as a great example of a sampling to your customers that are in the store already. Another one and it was in my TEDx talk is an ice cream store. A small business in St. Paul Minnesota. When you order a scoop of ice cream they let you pick a second flavor and they give it to you as a little mini scoop on top.

I saw that. I thought that was awesome.

It’s a place called Izzy’s ice cream and that little mini scoop is called “the Izzy”. I think that sampling is the lowest hanging fruit in marketing. When you talk ROI, I mean literally almost one-third of the people that get a sample actually buy. Depending on what studies that you find it can be one fifth the cost or even one-tenth the cost to upsell a current customer. What happens when you can take someone from ordering one or two things from you to now ordering three or four?

Right, and they’ll tell other people about that cool scoop, saying, “Hey I went to buy an ice cream and they had this little scoop called an Izzy. So delicious. I recommend going and give them a try.

The question is what’s your Izzy? It’s something that I call by the acronym G.L.U.E. Give Little Unexpected Extras. [continued on the Video on the CX Success Summit]


I guess this is my “Izzy” to you! Stan goes on to give more details and more great tips. May I suggest you make a note to catch Stans complete interview?

My wife and I want to wish you and yours a happy new year!

More “Izzy’s” from the CX Success Summit to come. Keep on the lookout.

Abraham & Bat-Sheva Venismach

Abraham Venismach

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