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Marco Houthuijzen - January 2, 2018

Start by transforming “customer service”-strategy (responding the way YOU think the customer wants and needs) to a customer driven strategy (offering what the customer really needs).

Focus on successes big and small, also the personal omes.
We are to obsessed with focussing on failures.

Start with looking for the best, interactive alternative for email; it is your most expensive communication channel that does not add (customer) value.

Marilyn Suttle - January 2, 2018

IoT will be improving the customer experience – giving you big advantages by collecting real-time data, tracing issues, and uncovering new ways to serve. As IoT evolves, and your business gets smarter and more connected –the need for your leaders and teams to work well together is more vital. Improving dialog and relationships with the people inside your company, and with those you serve, needs to rise to the top of your priority list to ensure service excellence.

    Abraham Venismach - January 2, 2018

    For those that don’t know what IoT is:

    The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.[1][2][3] Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to inter-operate within the existing Internet infrastructure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_things

Mohamed Latib - January 2, 2018

I am predicting that CX practices will come into question by the senior leadership of the corporate world unless and until the financial value of CX is established. Affirmation and validation of CX are critical for the future of CX as we know it now. And CX has not even matured yet. I am certainly not a doom and gloom person. I am a realist. 2018 may be an awesome challenge for legitimacy.

    Libby Dale - January 5, 2018

    Do you think the financial value of CX could be established by taking full accountability for customer retention? CX is not fully matured and has been seen as a toothless tiger by some. If CX owned retention and the target to reduce customer churn, that is some serious financial accountability.

Chip Bell - January 2, 2018

Think about the experiences you create for your customers through the five senses. Hotel Monaco puts a gold-fish in your guest room in a colorful basketball-sized glass bowl (all they ask is that you give it a name). Miller Brothers Men’s Clothing in Atlanta puts a giant gum ball machine in their foyer next to a bowl of shiny pennies (guess where Junior goes while dad is trying on trousers?). Hyatt Hotels uses “White Tea” as their signature aroma–lobby, soap, spa, etc. You get the idea!

Paolo Fabrizio - January 2, 2018

As we’re in a fast-changing market my suggestion is to start the year reviewing your customer journey.
– Is it aligned with technology evolution?
– Does it meet current customer’s expectations?
– Is there any touch point or support channel causing extra customer effort?
What’s been great for them until recently might have become just common = just like competitors. So if you really want to stand out check consistently your tools, processes and collect feedbacks from customers.

Shep Hyken - January 2, 2018

There are two big concepts I’m preaching for 2018 (and beyond). The first is to stop thinking about lifetime loyalty. Focus on the next time. Ask, “What am I doing now to make sure the customer will come back the next time they want/need what we sell?” Focus on the next time, every time. Second is to figure out how to be as convenient as possible for your customers. (Do you deliver, have an app, reduce friction, etc.?) The most convenient company to do biz with wins!

Jeanne Bliss - January 3, 2018

Three “gets” are required for 2018:

GET practical. Find 1-3 things that are eroding value and preventing customers from staying with you or connecting more to you. Fix those.
GET clear. Connect the experience improvements to business growth and customer advocacy.
GET math. Do customer math. Know the volume and value of incoming and departing customers – and connect CX to business growth.

Ricardo Saltz Gulko - January 4, 2018

The current market directions are #Servitization, # IoT, with sensors, Data-Driven Services & real-time cloud. It is now transforming our reality into a living customer experience, & services, in an integrated world between the digital and physical CX. It will get even better: Where many more issues will be predictable, avoidable with preemptive and predictive maintenance in new sectors and with new applications.It will enhance growth #CX quality, design, simplification and results in 2018-9!

Mike Wittenstein, CCXP, CSP, CMC - January 4, 2018

2018 will be full of change, but the strategies for success with customer experience are the same. My advice is to keep SIMPLE and AGILE in mind as you solve problems and introduce new practices. Keeping your ideas simple makes them easier to explain, implement, measure, and do. Keeping your tools and processes agile means less drama when you learn something that means you need to change something you’ve already implemented. Use expansion joints in your designs.

Dennis Gershowitz - January 4, 2018

For 2018 look at your customer’s journey through a Customer Journey Mapping exercise. This provides the opportunity to gather valuable information for an improved customer experience. Taking the time to completely understand the path the customer takes including interfaces, related metrics, business challenges and barriers they face along the way, the exercise presents the customer experience and what needs to improve or go away. Remember, develop the Map from the customer’s perspective.

Libby Dale - January 5, 2018

I hope that 2018 will see CX taking full accountability for customer retention. As Jeanne Bliss says, “Do customer math”.

To prevent customers leaving, we need to track and measure their experience in every journey and reach out to those in need.
The first priority is to save unhappy customers from leaving. The second is to prioritise the problems areas identified through tracking and measuring.

This will increase customer happiness, reduce churn and improve the company bottom line.

Gangadhar Krishna - January 6, 2018

My CX tip would be for corporates to ‘See Outside-In but Work Inside-Out’. This would mean service enhancement programs, reviewing their processes and more importantly empowering your frontline and support teams to take conscious and responsible decision.
In short, propagate the idea of ‘SALES HEAPS BUT SERVICE REAPS’.

Moshe Davidow - January 7, 2018

My CX tip would be to focus on solving the Customer’s problem. We spend far too much time trying to determine who is at fault. Customer’s don’t care. They just want the problem fixed. If you fix it, hassle free, even if you are not to blame, guess who’s coming back to your business, and bringing their friends. That’s a huge return on a small investment. After you solve the problem, work with the customer to understanding why it happened, so that you can prevent it.
Have a great 2018!

[email protected] - January 9, 2018

Forget about what’s trendy. Forget about Big Data. Understand that technologies are just tools. Focus on the end goal – to ensure that every customer feels that you and your organization genuinely values them and cares about them.


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