Customer Pays Pizza Shop over $5,000 for Posting Complaint on Social Media

Customer’s have responsibilites too.

I found a story on one of my favorite internet news sites and thought it would be a great share.

Reading the story, I noticed that the pizza was late, and the customer complained that the pizza was non-edible and mushy. The customer refused to take the money back or get a new pizza due to the owner refusing to deliver a new pizza to the customer’s house.

I don’t think that would be unreasonable, do you?

The customer put this customer experience on Facebook, saying the pizza was disgusting and created hashtags #disgusting and #nameofpizzashop.

The customer also added things that weren’t true to the story. That’s not fair.

The pizza shop owner said that this caused him irreversible damage because it was a small town, and he had to start selling pizzas at less than cost in order to regain his reputation.

The pizzeria owner took the customer to court and won! The customer was fined over $5K.

Personally, I think that it would have been better to redeliver the pizza, apologize and give her a coupon for a discount on the next pizza. The customer might have even posted a great review.  I bet that would have gone a long way.

When you read between the lines, I don’t think that the court ruled because the customer complained on social media. Rather, the customer grossly exaggerated the experience. We as customers have the responsibility to complain responsibly. Social media is very powerful and not a game.  We need it to be a credible source of our voice as the customer. When people decide to abuse social media, it’s hurt us all.

What are your thoughts about this?


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Abraham Venismach

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